Wedding Planning Services

Your wedding needs are not one-size-fits-all. Like you, your partner, and your vision for the day, your needs and your dreams are big, and we want to hear all about them. What is your love story, and what brought you to this day?

What is your community like, and who do you want to celebrate with? Only by understanding what makes your love special can we make your wedding yours.

In our initial virtual meeting, we will take a little time to get to know each other and make sure that working together is a good fit. If we move forward and throughout our consultation process, we will discover together the details of your event’s needs, and what kind of experience you desire for your planning journey and, ultimately, the event itself. 

All of your services and pricing are customized and developed with your vision in mind. Your event is like nobody else’s, and this flexibility offers us professional creative license to turn your dreams into reality.


Full Wedding Planning


Partial Wedding Planning