Partial Wedding Planning

Opulent Weddings is proud to offer premier services and support to our couples. We specialize in working with high-caliber couples with big dreams. The minute that our couples decide to move forward with us, we begin our planning journey together. 

From virtual and in-person meetings during which we refine your vision and set up a roadmap for success to your grand ceremony entrance on the big day itself, we are there as your support system. We pride ourselves on offering teams that uphold the highest standards of excellence so that your event will be truly unforgettable for you, your family, and your guests. 

Opulent Weddings is committed to producing beautiful, memorable events for couples worldwide. We work with both hands-on and hands-off couples to enable once-in-a lifetime celebrations that span from destination weddings to swoon-worthy elopements and honeymoons.

The Opulent Weddings team excels at turning creative concepts into reality. We will work with you, the bridal couple, to uncover and bring to life the fundamental design elements for your event, such as theme, colors, atmosphere, furniture and décor, lighting, and more.


We achieve stress-free planning by maintaining diligent and clear communication, ensuring that clients and vendors are on the same page throughout the process. 

We support you as you build your personalized wedding budget and allocations, making sure that your priorities receive the resources to exceed your expectations. 

To ensure that your team works toward your goals seamlessly, we will help to understand your preferences, organize any vendors or collaborating entities, and assist with contract negotiation. 

We will provide our extensive global network of event professionals and outside vendors  who undergo an extensive vetting process so that if you find their services to be beneficial for your event, you will have access to a world-class team. 

Establishing a Solid Foundation – between 9 and 3 months prior to the event

Assist with timeline creation for the event’s planning process, which will include venue visits, design development, logistics meetings, and meetings regarding catering, cake, florals and wedding attire, ensuring that all event specifications are being addressed. 

We will present a design inspiration mood board, including furniture rental, linen swatches, color codes and swatches for vision and wedding concept.

Support the creation of a unique pre-wedding experience for the bridal party.

Develop backup plans, testing procedures, and emergency exit plans (as needed or desired) that include guest communications. This may include unforeseen or unexpected issues such as Covid-19, inclement weather or transportation challenges. We can also assist with guest testing process before and upon arrival is necessary.

Help to coordinate all travel logistics and travel plans.

We will attend and help to guide the final walkthrough of the venue, to finalize event specification, guest flow, the event timeline, and inform the creation of a blueprint and layout for the final design of the space.

Refining All Details – between 3 and 1 month(s) prior to the event

Review and confirm all event orders and confirm event team’s needs to inform the creation of a production schedule.  

Confirm final attendee numbers and work with together to complete seating diagram for rehearsal and reception dinners.

Ship, receive and store rentals by Opulent Weddings.

Help to create itineraries for the wedding weekend for wedding party, family, and bridal couple.Assist with welcome letter and preparation of gift bags.

The WEDDING Weekend – (the best part!)

The bridal couple’s experience during their wedding weekend is our priority. We will do whatever it takes for us to ensure that they stay relaxed and present the whole time. Our experience has given us the skills and perspectives to anticipate challenges, prepare for the unexpected, and smooth over potentially-stressful moments. 

We will ensure that those involved in the ceremony are prepared and confident by reviewing etiquette and rehearsing the ceremony itself. 

We’ll oversee the event space set-up so that the pre-arranged specifications are achieved. When you and your guests first step into the ceremony and event space for your big moment, we want you to be amazed.

We will manage and direct photographers, musicians, ushers, the bridal party, and guests at the ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception so that the event runs smoothly and on-schedule.



Full Wedding Planning


Partial Wedding Planning