June 12, 2022

Weddings Without Restrictions

Brides of today are taking their weddings into their own hands with creative ideas never seen before. With supply-chain challenges affecting everything from the availability of florals to wedding gown inventory, and guest-count estimates changing by the week, many couples are moving beyond the traditional approach to wedding planning. 

What are the benefits and the reasons behind that change, and what do we think about it? Read on to find out!

Whether that means they’re opting for the ultimate elopement somewhere exotic or going bigger than ever to make up for the years their plans were on hold, we generally appreciate that the uncountable hurdles of the past few years have allowed many couples and planners the freedom to think outside the box with their weddings. 

What are some of the possibilities being explored in the 2.5 million+ weddings that 2022 is expected to host? 

While there are definitely a good number of more traditional weddings - those that take place at a traditional venue on a Saturday, with 75 to 200 guests – there are also couples that are not interested in hedging bets that over-stressed venue coordinators won’t make a mistake and double-book their date, and those who would prefer to surround themselves in lush gardens outdoors rather than worry about ordering florals that may not arrive in time for their celebration. These couples are working with high-end and experienced event planners to design amazing celebrations from micro-weddings to lavish getaways for large groups.  

Did you know that it’s possible to rent an entire private island, complete with onsite staff, catering teams, and more, offering you and your guests the experience of a lifetime for your wedding? 

Stroll hand-in-hand with your love along an empty beach with your coffee in the morning, say “I do” surrounded by the ones you love most, and dance the night away under the stars. Your worries and stresses will melt away as you sip champagne to the setting sun. Strings of twinkling lights strung from one palm to another create the perfect ambiance to an evening with your loved ones during your wedding experience. 

If an island feels too remote, another alternative experience idea is to rent a villa and allow your guests to call it home for an extended stay together. 

From the tropics of Bali to the rolling lavender hills of Provence, private villas that feature ceremony sites and spaces to gather together have been highly sought-after for large events for decades, but are increasing in popularity for weddings and bachelorette parties today. These bespoke celebrations allow for an increased focus on what really matters – relationships and experiences – and working with a quality event planner can make it a breeze. 

Although we want to be very clear that there is nothing wrong with the traditional approach couples have taken when planning their wedding, there’s something that we find freeing about the agency that some have adopted when deciding that they don’t need to follow a guidebook when planning their event. 

The disruptions of the last few years, from the pandemic to years of restrictions on travel and gatherings – not to mention those supply-chain issues, have led to many industries rethinking their traditional approaches. When working from the office wasn’t possible or practical for certain sectors, employers adapted, frequently to the longer-term benefit of the office and its employees. Innovative solutions have been established that are leading to new possibilities in many other sectors as well. 

For us in the event industry, we’ve learned the importance of careful planning, having backup concepts, maintaining a flexible approach, thinking outside the box, and rethinking assumptions about what weddings look like and feel like. We’ve invited our couples to think about love without restrictions, and have worked with them to create celebrations to match that boundlessness. We want to keep this freedom to celebrate in new ways as we move forward. We believe in love without restrictions, however that may look. 

If you’re interested in learning more about our event-planning services, we invite you to reach out to our team here at Opulent Weddings & Events. We can’t wait to celebrate opulently with you!